CKEditor 4

CKEditor 4 download

Install, download or serve a ready-to-use rich text editor of your choice.

Download a ready-to-use CKEditor package

Basic Package

basic package

Minimal toolbar.
For quick input fields.
17 Plugins


Standard PackageMost popular

standard package

Standards-compliant toolbar.
Covers most editing needs
for semantic-driven websites.
48 Plugins


Full Package

full package

A heavier preset
with a multiline toolbar.
72 Plugins



custom package

Build your own version
in 3 easy steps.

Online Builder

CKEditor CDN

CKEditor CDN comes with SSL support and provides over 50 edge locations on 6 continents around the world.

CKEditor 4 - previous versions

Remember: the latest CKEditor is always the greatest CKEditor!

CKEditor Nightly Build

Updated daily. Contains the "master" branch of CKEditor ready for release.

CKEditor 4 is an Open Source application.

All downloads are fully functional and subject to relevant open source license agreements or commercial license agreements (whichever is applicable).

Download Accessibility Checker

Accessibility Checker is a CKEditor 4 add-on. The recommended way to install it is by using CKEditor 4 online builder.

This add-on is available under an Open Source  GPL  or commercial license.

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