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How CKEditor simplified Spotlight’s content creation process


CKEditor 5 with real-time collaboration


  • Expanded business
  • Boosted productivity
  • Client relations improved
  • Time saved

Spotlight Analyst Relations provides a platform to connect digital agencies and technology vendors with influential industry analysts. Their analysts diagnose current challenges and make recommendations for clients. CKEditor 5 with real-time collaboration features helps optimize the company’s content creation process in the most efficient way possible, as well as contributes to further development of their business.

Challenge: managing content with too many tools

Spotlight had never had an editor before and suffered because of it. They were using many different tools such as Excel, Asana, Word and Evernote. It took them a lot of time to align content from different sources. Constant copy/pasting from one document to another and making sure no information was lost on the way proved very ineffective.

Rick Nash, Managing Partner at Spotlight, says the firm was becoming too large to manage all those things. “We needed to build our own tool with a strong editor inside to capture everything we did with our teams. Also, we wanted to provide better transparency to our clients so that they could really see our work.”

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Solution: switching to a collaborative editor

Spotlight’s development team did extensive research of rich text editors available on the market. They concluded that CKEditor 5 was the best and most modern tool for the price. It also fit within their development philosophy. CKEditor 5 is natively integrated with Angular and has ready-to-use examples for Node.js, which made the implementation much easier.

Spotlight likes the power of our editor and the fact that it’s intuitive and stable. It’s being used for all mechanisms for capturing content. One example is keeping track of clients’ program objectives. Another is that analysts have profiles where they type notes, plans, insights and upcoming activities.

Collaboration is built into our application and we don’t need to use any other external tools, like Google Docs.

Nash points to real-time collaboration as the key differentiator for CKEditor 5 against its competitors. “It’s built into our application so we don’t need to use any other external tools, like Google Docs. When do we collaborate? Let’s say the team is on an important phone call together. We all collectively type notes in one document at the same time. Or when we strategize with our clients. It saves time and makes our work more efficient.”

Result: expanding business

Thanks to the integration with CKEditor 5, the Spotlight team was able to take the multiple tools they used and consolidate them into one. This improved the productivity of the company’s workflow.

It also gave them a new revenue stream. “Currently we use the tool internally and with our clients," says Nash. “But there are other experts out there who need it as well. We’re now in the process of taking what we’ve built and selling it as SaaS to other AR professionals. We can now run our business bigger, faster and better. We are also excited about the future of the editor and using more of it to power our platform.”

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