How Agreemint is helping eliminate bottlenecks in negotiation thanks to CKEditor

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Agreemint speeds up contract negotiation thanks to CKEditor


CKEditor 5 with Comments and Track Changes


  • Improved speed of negotiations
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Prospects for business development

From education to content management to data science, CKEditor has customized solutions for so many companies. Our rich-text editor is becoming a go-to solution in a wide array of industries. That includes contract management, where CKEditor 5 is especially useful for legal firms and start-ups looking to fine tune their fine print.

Challenge: Speeding up the setup, negotiation and post-close in contracting

There are a lot of delays and redundant costs involved in closing B2B contracts. The confusion regarding the importance or priorities of specific editing and redlines is fundamental to the problem. Today we negotiate by striking out text without an insight into the importance level of that edit. This leads to confusion and delays with questions like: How important is this edit? What did we do last time we edited this section? How long can we expect the contract to delay by negotiating a particular element? Who has the last draft? Can I generate comments offline without others to see?

“We recognized through experience and close collaboration with the sales and legal operations communities, there was no viable product that solves all these issues today. So we rolled up our sleeves and built it,” says Peter Graham, Founder and CEO of Agreemint. To achieve the viable product they desired, they needed a world-class rich-text editor that covered all of their users’ needs.

Previously, Agreemint had an editor that did not have the robustness, maturity and support that their customers were looking for. Their customers wanted a Google Docs-like writing and editing experience for their software, so Agreemint reached out to the CKEditor team to explore our offer in detail. After having a productive and insightful back-and-forth, Graham realized that we are as passionate as they are about providing a stellar customer experience through rich-text editing technology.

Solution: A rich-text editor with mature features and fast-acting support

Of course, text is the fundamental building block of any legal document, and CKEditor’s rich-text technology applied to Agreemint helps it do exceptional things. A feature like Comments is helpful to converse about a writing project, but in Agreemint it also helps populate writing fields with value and privacy information. The Track Changes feature also enables redlining, which allows priorities and weights to be attached for review.

The Comments and Track Changes features are a must. We can’t have Agreemint without them.

In addition to being a lightweight editor that allows users to conduct joint editing and styling, CKEditor 5 also gives Agreemint the ability to do smart messaging and track changes in clauses, all of which are things their previous editor just wouldn’t let them do. “The Comments and Track Changes features are a must. We can’t have Agreemint without them,” says Graham. “We’d have to build it otherwise.”

Graham also spoke enthusiastically of CKEditor support’s quick turnaround. He cited our customer-focused implementation process, pricing, thorough documentation, and customizability as reasons that CKEditor was an easy choice. “We didn’t want to wait days for a response. We wanted to hear back right away,” he told us. “The plugin and command system made it easier to add functionalities.”

Result: Happy customers

Overall, Graham says that implementing CKEditor 5 has given Agreemint a sturdy base from which to expand its contract management system offer. With an ever-developing artificial intelligence engine, they want their software to learn as much from past legal agreements as possible. Their ultimate focus is on using AI to capture information about each client to help users further streamline the contract negotiation process.

Customer support is key to this expansion. As CKEditor 5’s support team supports clients like Agreemint by addressing bugs in its functionalities, Agreemint can reduce the number of support tickets from its clients and keep its own staff small.

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