How Plutio built an all-in-one project management platform with the help of CKEditor 5.

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CKEditor stands behind Plutio as it builds higher and stronger


CKEditor 5


  • All-in-one platform for project management
  • Custom-built messenger function
  • Prospects for business development

CKEditor 5 has become the backbone of so many software solutions over the years. For our clients, our editor is proving itself to be the engine creating rich, dynamic text. Plutio, the passion project of Leo Bassam, is geared toward helping freelancers and entrepreneurs take care of business that often gets in the way of, well, doing business.

Challenge: Stopping administrative tasks from getting in the way of productive work

Leo Bassam created Plutio because, as a freelancer, it was something he needed for himself. Managing a self-led enterprise means constantly keeping track of paperwork, often spread across numerous apps, which leads to duplicate data spread across platforms and having to shell out for multiple subscriptions to the services he needed. Bassam envisioned an all-in-one application for messaging, invoices, and data entry, and he knew millions of freelancers worldwide could benefit. To create it, he needed a feature-rich WYSIWYG editor that’s easy to integrate and customizable for his platform. And only the best would suffice.

Solution: Data entry powered by rich-text editing

For freelance designers, developers, and content marketers, text is at the absolute center of their creative output. It is only natural, then, that Plutio made rich text the platform’s heart and soul. Bassam created his platform to be an all-in-one stop for managing documents like invoices and proposals, task management for short- and long-term goals, and robust messaging between collaborators. Anywhere you can type is where you’ll find CKEditor 5. Additionally, support for images makes Plutio’s output pop, and right-to-left text support gives its Middle Eastern and Asian customer bases native-language capabilities.

CKEditor allows us to customise Plutio to work for our users.

As always, it’s about so much more than text — it’s also about the customizability. Typically a WYSIWYG editor might find their features in a top-facing toolbar. Plutio however decided to put them on the side for its users, and thanks to CKEditor 5’s customizability, that’s exactly what they get. As a result, Plutio users enjoy a clean and uncluttered interface populated with feature-dependent/task-specific choices. Moreover, Plutio’s messenger, which Bassam is incredibly proud of, was also written and implemented with the help of CKEditor 5. He also cites dark mode, placeholder text, and checklists as his favorite CKEditor-provided features.

Flexibility in building out this young and exciting platform is exactly what Plutio needed, and it’s something that other editors implemented just did not have. “CKEditor allows us to customise Plutio to work for our users,” Bassam says. “We believe it is best to show our users features when they need them."

Result: More and more innovation

The CKEditor team believes that Plutio has potential to be a real game-changer. It is an innovative, user-friendly platform for entrepreneurs. Not only is CKEditor 5 at the very center of Plutio’s rich-text input, but the CKEditor team looks forward to being there for Plutio as it scales up.

What does a scaled-up Plutio look like? For one, it has already added the ability to integrate apps like Paypal for online payments and Zapier for automated workflows. Partnerships with apps like Canva for invoicing are within their sights as well. More app integrations means interacting with more audiences, thereby attracting more users. With CKEditor 5, Plutio looks poised to become the go-to for self starters.

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