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Navigating a crowded job market can be overwhelming when you know what lies in front of you: making countless alterations to cover letters and resumes, sending untold numbers of outreach emails, and constant checking and rechecking your inbox for job alerts and employer responses. If you’re fresh out of university or the armed forces, not knowing what the finer points of composing a profile are, or who to talk to for insight, can be even more disheartening. Worst of all, not having this knowledge means your job searches (which is a full-time job in and of itself) bring diminishing returns. It is for these people that Placement, a startup focusing on soup-to-nuts development of jobseeking skills, built its own platform.

Challenge: Providing a complete job search experience that keeps users on-site

The whole point of Placement is to be a “talent agent” for jobseekers, connecting them with career coaches to get one-on-one critiques on written correspondence with employers and guidance on how to improve. They strive to achieve this without sending users off to a secondary service like Google Docs, where their jobseeker-career coach interactions were previously held. “Instead of having an external document collaboration system like Google Docs, we bring it all in-house thanks to CKEditor,” says Sean Linehan, CEO of Placement. “What we do is we basically get in the weeds with somebody and help run their job search.”

Solution: A complete, out-of-the-box editor that enables collaboration between career coaches and job seekers

Placement’s development team already had experience with CKEditor, which made us an easy choice for their needs. We equipped them with our robust CKEditor 5 with Comments in asynchronous mode, which helps Placement in two areas. First, our editor facilitates communication between users and in-house hiring experts. This includes back-and-forth critique and editing capabilities on cover letters, resumes/CVs, and other correspondence. CKEditor 5’s editor is also employed in Placement’s native chat function and task manager, which helps those on the hunt keep track of job search-related goals. Best of all, Placement was able to get all of these features out-of-the-box from CKEditor, which made the most sense to their team from the get-go.

The collaborative editing features do seem to entice job seekers. And they like the integrated nature of the platform.

Result: An indispensable tool for the job market

The folks at Placement have told us they’re very pleased with CKEditor 5 for providing them with a stable, robust editor that helps them achieve their goals. Thanks to our comments feature, they not only enhance the collaborative aspects of their platform, but allow Placement to make collaboration a central part of their brand identity.. Placement is already seeing more and more users who are attracted to our collaborative features, with many more sure to come.

Placement has a plan for becoming an authority in the job search tool market — a robust one at that. Currently, they’re working on an offer where career services departments at universities and bootcamps can use Placement as a platform for helping their own students get jobs straight out of school or training. “The collaborative editing features there do seem to entice [job seekers]. And they like the integrated nature of the platform,” says Linehan. Placement seems set to impact the way we search for jobs, and CKEditor 5 is at the foundation of their mission.

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