Manage your digital assets
the way you see fit

Store and organize your wide range of digital assets in CKBox, a digital asset management platform. Scalable and easy to work with.

A central file manager for everyone

With a backend-agnostic architecture, availability for both cloud and on premises, as well as support for over 40 languages, CKBox is compatible with all sorts of setups and software platforms.

File management made easy

  • Organize your assets into customizable categories and tags.
  • Search files and filter results by a range of file properties.
  • Easily access recently used files.
  • View your images in high-resolution full-page preview.
  • Define alternative text for images once and reuse it forever.

We want to make CKBox better!

Let us know what features that you need are still missing in CKBox.

Administration made easy

Each CKBox installation comes with the administration panel
visible only to users you select.

A very optimized <picture>

Implement CKBox with CKEditor 5 in no time thanks to the native integration to enjoy all the methods of uploading files to CKEditor 5, automatically responsive images, and better accessibility.

All methods of uploading files supported by CKEditor 5 are available:

  • Drag & drop, paste from clipboard, paste from Word and Google Docs.
  • Auto-fill alt attributes in CKEditor 5 with CKBox image descriptions.

Full control of your data

If you would like to host by yourself, the on-premises package of CKBox, distributed as a Docker Image, is also available and can be used with any Open Container runtime.

  • Install anywhere you like - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or your own data center.
  • Choose your storage type - S3, Azure Blob Storage, filesystem, MySQL, Postgres.
  • Scale simply by handling the service configuration and built-in mechanisms.

Save time and resources

With a SaaS subscription, we take care of everything important.

  • Managing the cloud infrastructure to keep it secure and up to date.
  • Performing regular backups of your files.
  • Serving assets via secure and blazing-fast CDN powered by AWS.
  • Automatic scaling according to your needs.
  • Available as a native React component.

Why CKBox?

If for any reason you would like to host CKBox by yourself, the on-premises version is also available.


Easily customize the colors of the interface with just two variables.

Rest API

Automate anything you like using the REST API.

Speed up your website

Serve responsive images using the fastest formats. Reduce bandwidth up to 34 %.

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